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    Do you have what it takes to become a Baltimore County Auxiliary Police Officer?
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Testing will be held at the Baltimore County Public Safety Building, 700 E Joppa Rd, Towson, MD, 21286. The exam tests your reading and comprehension skills. We will be testing for our 49th Auxiliary Police Recruit Class.

Should you successfully pass the exam with an academic score of 70% or better, you must complete an application packet, consisting of personal, work, education, and credit history. This packet must be returned to the Public Safety Building within fourteen days. Even if you have previous law enforcement experience, everyone must take the entrance exam and complete an application packet.

After your application packet is processed and reviewed, you will be finger-printed, the Department will perform a background check and polygraph exam. Should you be selected and invited to join Our Team, you will need to attend recruit training, which is typically spread over six months of Saturdays.

If you would like to reserve a seat for testing,
you can contact the Baltimore County Auxiliary Police Team at 410-887-5892 between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. You may also contact us by e-mail at

Be sure to include your full name, address, and phone number.

Required Qualifications:

  • Be a U.S.Citizen
  • Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and a high school graduate or equivalent
  • Possess a valid drivers license (equivalent to a noncommercial class C Maryland driver's license)
  • Be of good moral character and stable temperament
  • Present a physician statement certifying that the applicant is capable of performing the functions of an Auxiliary Officer
  • Must successfully pass written and physical examinations, an oral interview, background investigation, and full scope polygraph
  • Be willing to take a loyalty oath
  • Be a citizen who cares enough about local government to serve as a volunteer in a public safety capacity

Applicants will attend and complete a recruit training program with a passing academic score followed by a one year probationary period. Training will consist of classroom instruction, driver training, self defense, and field training. The Auxiliary Officer shall work a minimum of 170 hours on assigned details including detachment meetings.

The Baltimore County Auxiliary Police Team receives First Aid and CPR Training by its very own certified instructors through its own approved American Safety & Health Institute Training Center. The Training Center is located at the Baltimore County Police Department's Police Training Academy located in Dundalk, MD.

Recruit Training Topics:
  • Alcohol Violations
  • Arrest & Restraining Techniques
  • Auxiliary Rules & Regulations
  • Civil Liability
  • Constitutional & Criminal Law
  • Court Room Procedures
  • Drug Identification
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Handling Calls for Service
  • Human Values
  • Juvenile Law
  • Parking Citations
  • Police/Community Relations
  • Radio Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Search of Prisoners
  • Defensive Tactics / Weapons Qualification
  • Sexual Offender Registration Verification
  • Crowd Control
Additional duties include:
  • Accompanying and assisting sworn Baltimore County Police Officers on patrol duty
  • Responding to calls for service
  • Verifying the residence of Registered Sex Offenders in Baltimore County
  • Assisting in the performance of administrative duties
  • Parking enforcement
How to apply:

Meeting the above requirements is only the beginning. For a non-profit volunteer organization our standards are high and our training is extensive. Should you become a member of the Team, the job responsibilities are tremendous. However one can not measure the personal rewards and satisfaction you will achieve from knowing that you made a difference to the citizens of Baltimore County as a volunteer law enforcement officer.

Do you feel you have what it takes to become an Auxiliary Police Officer? Find out today. Apply to the Baltimore County Auxiliary Police by completing this form or by calling 410-887-5892.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Security
  • Crowd and traffic control at public events such as parades, carnivals, fires, fairs, sporting events, fireworks displays
  • Render emergency services during natural disasters, floods, snowstorms
  • Searches for missing persons
  • Other assignments deemed necessary by the Chief of Police


  • Complete Uniform
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Length of Service Monetary Award
  • Maryland State Income Tax Credit
  • Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union membership
  • Satisfaction of making a difference to the communities of Baltimore County

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Applicants can contact the Baltimore County Auxiliary Police Team at 410-887-5892 between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. You may also contact us by e-mail at

Be sure to include your full name, address, and phone number.