Auxiliary officers are volunteers and take on various responsibilities that assist full time paid officers in their everyday duties. The Auxiliary was established in 1942 as a volunteer organization and is authorized to cooperate with the Police Department in the maintenance of law and order in Baltimore County. Our members are appointed as auxiliary police officers only after attending, completing, and passing the required law enforcement coursework and training. The organization is composed of civic-minded residents of the community who work together to improve the level of safety and security in their community. The all volunteer law enforcement organization is dedicated to providing direct assistance and operational support to the Baltimore County Police. Auxiliary officers provide uniformed road and bike patrol, as well as supporting events, and promoting public safety throughout the county.

Aux. Col. Jason Roberts

Auxiliary Police Team
Commander and Chief of Staff

The Baltimore County Aux. Police are always accepting new applicants for the next scheduled class. Go to "JOIN" to learn more about this volunteer opportunity.